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Egg Hoppers for Breakfast ?

Hail stones May 2010. A rare occurence.

Paris Room again

Le Loo

Views Of Ebony Springs, Inside and Out.

BH 27.12.2018 08:28

Where exactly is Ebony Springs Homestay?!?

Jason and family 07.09.2016 14:43

Absolutely wonderful homestay in spectacular surroundings. Best food in Sri Lanka! Can't wait to come again.

Jenny 22.06.2016 21:51

Beautiful scenery, excellent cuisine and wonderful hosts!

Bernard & Pauline 23.06.2016 01:19

Dear Jenny, we appreciate your comments, thank you.
Bernard and Pauline

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25.05 | 21:27

Dear Mr. Wright Thank you for your inquiry. Can you send me to and I will give you the details.

25.05 | 15:11

Thanks for your tour today, can you tell me about prices and buying white tea from you?
Peter Wright
New Zealand

08.02 | 07:24

Cool piece of local tea culture at Ebony Springs

27.12 | 08:28

Where exactly is Ebony Springs Homestay?!?