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Written by Rachel Delany on Jul. 22, 2019
Staying at Ebony Springs with Pauline and Bernard was an absolute highlight of our trip to Sri Lanka! The home is very spacious and comfortable, easily accommodating our group of 7, and spotlessly clean. The gardens and surrounds are lush and beautiful, it's a gorgeous and tranquil spot.

Without a doubt the best part about our stay at Ebony Springs was Pauline's delicious food - she's an amazing cook! Every meal was a delicious feast! She was also incredibly gracious in accommodating our vegetarian preferences and even showed me how to make some of our favourite dishes.

Pauline and Bernard made us feel so welcome and at home, they are lovely company and full of great information. Would recommend without hesitation.

Thank you so much Pauline and Bernard for a wonderful visit, I hope to see you again some time!
Written by Yumi on Mar. 13, 2018
Hi! I posted the review to TripAdvisor in Japanese version. So, I paste here for non-Japanese visitors to read!
As a repeater, recommend this place again!

It was my fourth stay at the Ebony Springs, and will recommend here again as the owner, Bernard and Pauline are so warm-hearted and caring their guests.

This time, I took a local long-distance bus departed from Colombo at 4pm. Bernard was so concerned and gave me calls at nearly every 30 minute while I was in the bus. Since I couldn’t answer where exactly the bus was passing, I asked a lady sitting next to me to explain the current location to Bernard over my mobile phone. I reached at the nearest bus station, Ginigathena, after 8pm, where a three-wheeler was waiting for me organized by Bernard. I finally arrived at their cozy homestay at quarter to 9pm. Both were waiting for me and all of us had late dinner together.

I really like Pauline’s cooking. She prepared different combination of Sri Lankan foods during my stay, such as shrimp curry and hopper, fish curry and coconut milk rice, chicken curry and string hopper associated with a variety of sambols. Thanks to her cookery skill, moderate use of spices, and most probably her hygienic awareness, I have never had stomach upset at Ebony Springs, which is one of my biggest worries while I travel in Sri Lanka!

Bernard has got a new assignment as a tea factory tour guide since late 2017, which made them busy going up-and-down between their own place and Dunkeld tea factory. Based on his long experience and abundant knowledge on tea manufacturing, along with his recent study on the history of Dunkeld tea estate, I viewed his factory tour quite informative and enjoyable, as he could explain or answer to all questions from visitors, which made every one of them happy and satisfied!
Written by Lee on Feb. 19, 2018
We stayed two nights in February and absolutely loved it. It's a warm and inviting home, the rooms are really comfortable - the perfect place to unwind, relax and recharge.
The food is delicious and Bernard and Pauline are lovely people who are sure to give you a great hosting experience. Would recommend this place to anyone.
Written by Nadine on Feb. 19, 2018
This Homestay is a remarkable place. We enjoyed two nights here and just wish we could have stayed longer. Ebony Springs is secluded and in a beautiful quiet location - the perfect place to unwind surrounded by an amazing garden. The rooms were lovely - clean and comfortable.
The warmth and kindness of the hosts Bernard and Pauline (and the three gorgeous dogs) simply add to the charm of the place and we immediately felt at home. Pauline is a fantastic cook - we feasted on both Sri Lankan and European cuisine. Bernard knows everything there is to know about the tea industry and they are both brilliant company.

Highly recommend this place and we can't wait to go back.
Written by Yumi Nakatsugawa on Apr. 4, 2016
Dear Bernard and Pauline,

I found my comment on Ebony Springs posted in the TripAdvisor was showing some mess with another visitors' remarks (in the Japanese Language page). So, I copy my statement here, where it can be treated with better care!


I sincerely thank for the owner of the Ebony Springs Specialty Teas and Home Stay Accommodation, Bernard and Pauline, for my pleasant stay and unforgettable experiences during my five days here. This was my second opportunity to come and spend time with them, and their hospitality and thoughtful arrangements for my activities made all events successful and meaningful.

The reason why I chose February to come here was my long time wish to climb up the holly Adam’s Peak in this suitable dry season. Bernard has the seven times of pilgrimage experience to this 4th highest mountain in the country. Therefore, his advice and arrangement had been helpful indeed. The Sunday I climbed with another their guests, a French couple, was one of the busiest days in the Adam’s Peak, reportedly about 500,000 people climbed on that weekend only! We left the Ebony Springs about 11 p.m. Saturday night, and started walking up from 1:20 a.m. on Sunday, and finally reached the summit after 12 noon! We were saved by sandwiches and warm coffee on the way, which Pauline prepared and packed for our breakfast.

On another day, I made a request to go and see Kitul jaggery making in Kitulgala, where genuine Kitul jaggery is produced by villagers. I am told they are cautious and superstitious, and normally do not allow foreigners to see the process of jaggery making. Thanks to Bernard’s popularity in the region, a family accepted our visit and showed us the most important and exciting stage where clear syrup tapped from Kitul tree’s flower stem turned into caramel color while boiling, and then shaped into solid bricks to be ready to sell as the unique sweetener.

I also visited a few renowned tea factories escorted by Bernard, where he had been deeply rooted in his career. Listening to his stories and explanations about the tea industry has enriched my interests and affections towards Ceylon tea as well as tea people in Sri Lanka.

Written by Yumi Nakatsugawa on Feb. 25, 2016
Dear Bernard and Pauline,

Thank you very much for your hospitality during my 5 days stay in Ebony Springs. I posted my review to TripAdvisor. This trip has become one of the best experience in my life!

Written by Tony on Dec. 8, 2015
Bernard did a pick up from Nanu-oya station, which is about 2 hours away, as I thought this place is near Nuwara Eliya. But it is actually closer to Kandy, the nearest train stop being Nawalapitiya. I am appreciative of the pick up and long drive back to Ebony Springs.

The place is quiet and peaceful. I was woken up by bird songs each morning. There are also 4 dogs in the family, asking for attention that I am most glad to give. The house is large and there is a separate annex that could also host guests. Bernard is in the midst of building a plunge pool on his grounds and future guests will enjoy that.

The food is local and homemade. There had been many earlier reviews praising Pauline's culinary skills, and I think I gained a kg or two after staying here for 2 nights. Bernard and Pauline feed their guests well and 4 meals a day (including tea) was more than enough.

There is a nearby tea factory that Bernard could bring his guests. He seems familiar with the manager and the guy explaining the tea making was thorough and professional. I thought he did a much better job that the tour I did at Lipton's tea factory. This is a must do if you stay at Bernard's place, as his intimate knowledge of tea is really insightful.

I bought tea from Bernard, which I think is of good value and unique. The tea urchins he makes are beautiful when they blossom in the hot water. The tea leaves are guaranteed to be of good quality and there are no worries of being taken for a ride.

This place is really suitable if you want to get away for a while, to chill and recharge your spirit. The absence of wifi, great homemade cooking and wonderful company of the hosts makes this place a wonderful retreat for the soul (and body). Highly recommended, especially if you are a tea lover.
Written by Lorrae and wayne Dawson on Nov. 16, 2015
Thankyou so much to both pauline and bernard for a wonderful stay. If you wish to be truly educated in the history and growing of tea Bernards knowledge is limitless. Paulines cooking is delicious her hoppers and prawn curry the best in srilanka would go back just for them. Enjoy the peace and watch the birds come and go on the verander or sip a g/t at night as the sun goes down with this beautiful couple who are only to happy to sit and chat and tell you the history of thi beatiful country that truly is the land of smiles .xxx
Written by Roshan on Apr. 13, 2015
Just returned from a blissful 4 nights at Ebony Springs. It was very relaxing, the food was great and the insiders tea experience was invaluable. Hope to visit again with the family soon. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a nice peaceful retreat.
Written by Thresa on Apr. 2, 2014
Thank you so much Bernard and Pauline for the hospitality and warm welcome. After a pretty hectic schedule traveling about Sri Lanka, it was a wonderful reprieve to relax and unwind at Ebony Springs. During our stay, we were treated like old family friends and Pauline made the most delightful meals and treats! The opportunity to taste some of Bernard’s teas was another highlight to our stay. We encourage anyone traveling to Sri Lanka to visit Ebony Springs. We enjoyed our stay immensely and will return on our next opportunity.

p.s. Please give a pat to Silky, Toby, Donie and Chuck for us! (I hope I spelled their names right) :D
Written by Henry and Suzanne on Mar. 13, 2014
We very much enjoyed our recent stay at Ebony Springs while touring Sri Lanka in late January. It is a lovely, peaceful and comfortable haven high up in the hill and tea country. Just the thing we were seeking from our "homestay experience". Bernard and Pauline were most convivial hosts and looked after us very well even providing us with goodies to sustain us for our trip to Sri Pada. Pauline's kitchen turned out a fabulous variety of food, a highlight in itself. Would not hesitate to recommend a few days here to anyone. Thanks again.
Written by Kanna Kanagaratnam on Feb. 28, 2014
Hi Bernard and Pualine,

My friends, Nellie and I, had a lovely time at Ebony Srpings, thanks to your lovely company and wonderful hopitality.
Written by Sherille Sullivan on Feb. 1, 2014
Thank you Bernard and Pauline for sharing your home with us on our recent stay at Ebony Springs. We loved it. It was a restful haven that has been beautified by Pauline's green thumb in the garden. I enjoyed photographing a wide variety of birdlife that visited the garden in the afternoon whilst the others napped. Thankyou for giving us a personal tour of a tea plantation. Apart from learning so much about the process it was amazing watching you as an expert taste testing the variety of teas and us doing the same. Never had the opportunity to do that before. We also found your own silver tips a specialty and love the tea urchins.
Written by Hemannath & Dayanthi on Jul. 26, 2013
We had a wonderful time with both of you. Your warm hospitality was enjoyed by both of us. Ebony Springs is looking marvellous.

Many thanks.

Written by Sean Mendis on Jun. 18, 2013
I’ve tasted your silver tips tea (or white tea) which you kindly sent through Aunty Roz. I steeped it in freshly drawn water, that has just come off the ‘boil’ as you said. It is THE most refreshing, healing, delicate, fine tasting tea I have ever had. Thank you.

BTW it has also cured my sore throat and runny nose, so it’s more healing than any green tea (or indeed black tea) I have ever drunk.

I’d like to order some in bulk and would like to find out the best way to go about it.

Sean Mendis
Wembley, Middlesex, U.K.
16.June 2013

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