Birds and plants you may see at Ebony Springs

Indian Pitta

spot the Eagle?

Kama kama kama kama kama Chamelion!!

Beef Steak. Heliconia

Kadapul. Nocturnal bloomer.

Paradise Fly Catcher (Redi Hora) spotted on 28th Dec.2014

Albino Fish Eating Eagle. Dec. 2014

Indian Pita. Dec. 2014

Christmas Cactus in Bloom. Dec 2014

Forest Wagtail. Dec2014

Haig 20.07.2013 10:35

Looking forward to spending a few restful days at Ebony Springs in October 2013, meeting Bernard & Pauline & trying out some of that Sri Lankan cusine.

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25.05 | 21:27

Dear Mr. Wright Thank you for your inquiry. Can you send me to and I will give you the details.

25.05 | 15:11

Thanks for your tour today, can you tell me about prices and buying white tea from you?
Peter Wright
New Zealand

08.02 | 07:24

Cool piece of local tea culture at Ebony Springs

27.12 | 08:28

Where exactly is Ebony Springs Homestay?!?